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Freshfield Bakery has been the home of The Ultimate Plum Pudding since 2018. In the small 'Christmas Corner' of our bakery we have now made hundreds of tonnes of lovely Christmas puddings which we have delivered on time with no complaints - just plenty of compliments.

It is a fabulous recipe. Many of our customers followed the pudding from it's original home in Kendal.  Some have been buying (and eating) the pudding for over 30 years,

We are bakers. We make bread, cakes and pastries but we'd never made a pudding before 2018. So that year we just made Christmas puds. In 2019, to the delight of, in particular, our fundraising customers we added another recipe from The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company - their scrumptious Sticky Toffee Pudding. In 2020 we added a Luscious Lemon to the range - a rich lemon sponge with a velvety lemon curd sauce.  Our sponge puddings are available in a 3-4 portion basin, are ambient and have a six month shelf life.   Although we managed to maintain prices for the past two years, unfortunately, a substantial rise in our costs, to ingredients, transport & energy, has resulted in a price increase to our puddings this year.  Our puddings still provide good value for money and our high standards remain uncompromised.

We have diverse markets for our puddings. Many use our ability to print personalised labels even on relatively small orders. Please click on the appropriate link below for details of our offering for your sector.

​So if you are looking for Christmas and sponge puddings which are delicious AND beautiful please click on the linked images above to find out more.


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​​​Special Recipe


Carole and Berni from the Ultimate Plum Pudding Company act as consultants to Freshfield. They taught us all we know about Christmas Puds (Including that they can actually be delicious - a revelation to Mairi :-) )

​This was one of the most important things we learned from them. It's fine having a lovely recipe but it's a celebration and presentation really matters. So whether its a 120g foodservice pudding or a 908g family centrepiece it has to look good and sit nicely on the plate. Every one of our Christmas puddings is hand pressed to make sure that it looks great when its served. 

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