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Freshfield Bakery has been the home of The Ultimate Plum Pudding since 2018. Many of our customers followed the pudding from its original home in Kendal.  Some have been buying (and eating) the pudding for over 30 years. This is down to our recipe; our Christmas puddings are not like the typical Christmas puddings we have all tasted, these would be described as stodgy, heavy and bitter ours are quite the opposite, light and full of delicious flavours. Unlike other Christmas puddings on the market the tops of our puddings are completely flat this is due to every pudding being hand pressed by our hard-working Christmas pudding team, so they lay perfectly flat on every plate.

As our Christmas puddings began to grow in popularity, we decided to expand the range we offer to include sponge puddings. Like our Christmas puddings we use the finest of ingredients available to create luxury products that we know our customers will enjoy. Our sponge pudding range consists of our scrumptious sticky toffee pudding, this is a gorgeous moist date sponge smothered in our rich toffee sauce. Our other sponge pudding is the Lucious lemon sponge, this is a delicious zesty, fluffy lemon sponge topped with a sweet sticky lemon curd sauce. Our sponge puddings are available in 3-4 portion basins, are ambient and have a 6-month shelf life.

We have diverse markets for our puddings and can cater to your exact needs. We offer a service that prints personalised labels with anything from a logo to a drawing that sits on the top of your puddings. This is extremely popular with fundraisers, schools and farm shops. The list is endless. Our other services include personalised recipes to add in a specific ingredient of your choice for example a cider or gin to sell alongside your products. We sell many of our products on a large scale to various food service companies where they distribute our products to eateries across the UK

Your needs are our priority, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 

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